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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My TV Addictions

There are so many good things on TV right now. So much in fact that I can't keep up with everything!! I've been staying up way to late trying to keep up with my DVR.

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite addictions with you because I want to know that i'm not alone... how many of you are addicted? What are your favorite shows? If you watch these three shows, tell me what you think about what is happening with these shows?

24.... my husband and I have been addicted since the day this show came out. It was kinda one of the first ones that we started following when we got married and it's so crazy how you just keep getting drawn in.

Come on people... you know that Jack is on our side, after these many years can't you figure that out? So frustrating!

If you haven't ever watched this one it's a good one to get addicted to; however, you have to start from the beginning or it's confusing as heck. Well, it's confusing and insane anyways. They keep mixing it up.

Seriously Sylar.. are you good or bad? Make up your mind so I can either hate you or like you!

Lost... I think that this one is my favorite and it's the one I feel like I have begun to really LOVE the characters. It's crazy how you start a journey with these characters and then feel like you actually know them and what they are going through. How does TV do that to you? It's way too emotional. Again, you have to watch this one from season 1 or you are going to be WAY to confused. It's an emotional roller coaster.

Please go save your friends.. don't trust Ben (I think), but your friends need you.