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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Modern Photographers

I am very excited to announce that I am now a member of , Modern Photographers, a resource for brides to find experienced professional photographers

Modern Photographers is a very elite group of photographers who value the art of photography, business, and lifestyle photography. In order to become a member you must be voted in by a group of your professional peers. They have very high standards and I am honored to be a part of this organization.

To learn a little more about what Modern Photographers is, read below. I took this off of the website to show you what is expected in order to be a member.

Why Modern Photographers?

Have you ever noticed that photography is one of the rare industries that requires no licensing or certification? Just about anyone can pick up a camera and claim to be a photographer with absolutely no experience. Unfortunately, many couples and families have been harmed by the actions of some wreckless “photographers”.

Modern Photographers was created to give those looking for artistic professionals a place to connect with qualified working visual artists. Our members have been voted on by true professionals in the industry. We require our members to:

*Maintain a proper business license (pay taxes)
*Have backup equipment in case of equipment failure during an important shoot
*Maintain a good reputation in their local community, as well as within the photography industry
*Have solid technical skills (exposure, lighting, composition, post production)
*Have a creative eye that lends itself to a modern style

If you are looking for a photographer recommended by other photographers, look no further than Modern Photographers.